Southern California Garden Club
Established June 13, 1927

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Are YOU taking out too much

garbage on “Trash Day?”

Southern California Garden Club members collect / save:

Canceled stamps – Tear your envelope in half and bring in the half with your canceled stamp on it. Or better yet, cut out the stamp leaving a ¼” border around the stamp. Torn or damaged stamps are not useable but canceled stamps ARE useable. The stamps go to the CGCI Stamp Chairman who sells (by weight) the canceled stamps to stamp dealers. Every so often you will see an ad in the newspaper, “Start stamp collecting – Buy a starter bag of stamps for your collection.” Dealers fill these bags with our stamps.

Campbell ’s Soup Product labels – All Campbell’s Soup products’ labels, which include Pepperidge Farms, Swanson, and Prego are collected. On soup and broth cans and Prego jars, use a knife to slit up the side of the label to remove. On Pepperidge Farms and Swanson products bring in the whole box. The labels and product boxes are given to the Glendale Self-Aid Workshop for the Retarded and are redeemable for electronic and sports equipment for that school.

Pop-top tabs – The pop-top tabs from soda pop, beer, and cat food cans are collected and delivered to the local Emblem Club. All funds received are donated to a Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles.

Albertson’s / Sav-On Register Receipts – The cash register receipts from Albertson’s Food Markets and Sav-On Drug Stores are given to the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). The DAR supports local schools and scholarships.

Eyeglasses – Old prescription eyeglasses are given to the Lion’s Club and Lenscrafters for distribution to those in visual need.

Used alkaline batteries – Used batteries are collected and turned in to a hazardous material collection team. Batteries are some of the worst offenders in our landfills. Proper disposal of batteries keeps them OUT of our landfills.

Plastic 6-pack rings – The plastic top on 6-packs of soda pop and beer do not degrade and are a menace to ocean life. A docent at the Tillman Japanese Gardens crafts incredible flowers from these 6-pack tops which are sold with profits benefiting the Gardens.

U.S. Flags – Old, torn, ragged or worn-out U.S. flags are collected and delivered to a special flag retirement ceremony.

Cellular telephones – Old cell phones are refurbished and distributed to our military personnel.

Christmas card fronts – The fronts of Christmas cards are used for special craft projects.

Egg cartons – Old cardboard egg cartons are donated to a local farm stand that reuses them.

Don’t throw out items that could be supporting

local non-profit organizations. At the same time,

reduce the amount of waste going to our landfills.

Bring your garbage to garden club instead!