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Southern California Garden Club's

2016 - 2017 Signature Plant


Excerpts taken from The Green Thumb,
Southern California Garden Club's award-winning newsletter.


Our Signature Plant program started in September 2000 at the encouragement of then Pacific Region Director Lisa Stephens of Arizona. Each Pacific Region Director selects a Director’s Special Project in which all the states in the region may participate for the two years of their term. Our Pacific Region is the most climatically diverse, covering the eight western states of Washington, Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii. If you take the first letter of each state in this order you have the name of the Pacific Region newsletter: WACONIAH. It is chock full of garden club news and floral design and horticulture articles from around the region. An online subscription is free. The NGC award-winning newsletter is edited by club members Robin and Greg Pokorski and they’d be happy to tell you how to sign up.

Our club enjoyed studying one specific plant so much we continued the program beyond the first two years. Since 2000 we have studied geraniums, roses, irises, tulips, orchids, ferns, azaleas, African violets, herbs, and Edible Flowers last year, among others.

We’ll study tomatoes this coming year – from the historical to the latest breaking news on the “golden apple” – from planting to harvesting to using. The tomato’s journey dates back over 2,000 years - by 500 B.C., it was already being cultivated in southern Mexico. There’s plenty of information for us to learn this season – so let’s get to our 2016–2017 Signature Plant – tomato….next month.



Past Studies:

Edible Flowers


Tulipa (tulip)