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SCGC Library Book List

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updated 9/5/2014


Books are available to SCGC members for one month. Members complete card with name and phone number.

Crafts, Wreaths, Pressed Flowers



Complete Book of Nature Crafts

Carlson, Cosic, Taylor Rodale Press '92


Dried Flowers

Jan &Michael Gertley


Everlasting Floral Gifts

Pulleyn & Mautor



Patricia Thorpe


Flower Drying Handbook

Dolly Morris


Simply Handmade

Carol Dahistrom


The Book of Potpourri

Penny Black


The Book of Dried Flowers

M.Hiller & C.Hilton


The Book of Pressed Flowers

Penny Black


The Wreath Book

Rob Pulleyn

General Garden Techniques



A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants

Christopher Brickell & Judith Zuk


Butterfly Gardening for the South

Geyata Ajilvsgi


Gardening and Landscape Techniques

Rodale Press


Gardening Success

Peter Mchoy, 2001


New Western Garden Book

Sunset - copy 1, 1979


New Western Garden Book

Sunset - copy 2, 1990


Pat Welsh's Southern California Gardening

Pat Welsh - copy 1,1992


Pat Welsh's Southern California Gardening

Pat Welsh - copy 2, 1992


Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening

Reader's Digest Publishing


Step by Step Successful Gardening

Gerald Knox


The City and Town Gardener-Small Spaces Handbook

Linda Yang - Human House


The New Garden Book

Gerald Knox


The Practical Gardener

Reader's Digest Publishing


Waterwise Gardening

Sunset Publishers, 1990


Western Landscape

Sunset Publishers,1998


HGTV Flower Gardening


Backyard Composting

John Roulac


How to Build and Use Greenhouses

Jeff Williams

Landscape Design



Design and Plant Mixed Borders

Noel Kingsbury


Flower Garden Designs

Penelope Hophouse


Gardening with Color

Sunset Publishing - copy 1


Gardening with Color

Sunset Publishing - copy 2


Gardens by Design

Peter Loewer


Hillside Landscaping

Sunset Publishing, 2002


Landscaping with Herbs

Jim Wilson


Landscaping Illustrated

Sunset Publishing


Landscaping with Nature

Jeff cox


Landscaping with Stone

Marianne Liparovich


Making the Most of Your Backyard

Sunset Publishing


Plants for Natural Gardens

Judith Philllips


The Big Book of Kitchen Gardens

TimeLife Publishers


The Damp Garden

Beth Chatto


The Natural Habitat Garden

K.Druse & M Roach

Floral Design



Designing by Types

Nat'l Garaden Clubs - copy 1, 2008


Designing by Types

Nat'l Garaden Clubs - copy 2, 2008


Flower Arranging Expert

D.G.Hessayon, 2000


Flower Arranging Expert

D.G.Hessayon, 2006


Flowers, The Complete Book of Floral Design

Paula Pryke


Floral Style

Vena Lefferts


Florist Review Design School journal

Floral Design School Publications


Modern Designs in Floral Art



New Dimensions in Floral Design

Marie Miller


The Complete Guide to Flower Arranging and Foliage

edited by Iris Webb, 1982


101 How To Favorites

Florist Review 2004

House Plants



Foliage House Plants

James U. Crockett


Success with Houseplants

Anthony Huxley


The Houseplant Survival Manual

William Davidson


The Indoor Garden Book

John Brookes


1000 Beautiful Houseplants

Jack Kramer

Herbs and Spices



Flowering Herbs

Magie Oster


Gerard's Herbal

Marcus Woodward


Herbal Treasures

Phyllis V. Shaudys


Landscaping with Herbs

Jim Wilson


Landscaping Herbs

Collins &Giles


The Encyclopedia of Herbs, Spices and Flavorings



Today's Herbal Health

Louise Tenney


Your Backyard Herb Garden

Miranda Smith

Garden by Types



Allergy Free Gardening

Thomas Ogren


Autumn Gardens

Ethne Clark


Cottage Gardens

Phillip Edinger


Noah's Garden

Sara Stein


Potted Gardens

Rebecca Cole


The Country Garden

Charlie Ryrie


The Free Spirted Garden

Susan McClure


The Japanese Art of Miniature Trees and Landscapes

Yuji Yoshimura


The New American Backyard

Kim Medic


The Tranquil Garden

Kay Fairfax


The Perennial Garden

Jeff and Marilyn Cox

Water & Rock Gardens



Rock Garden Plants

Doretta Klaber


Salem Huse Book of the Water Garden

Phillip Swindells


The Practical Rock and Water Garden

Peter Robinson


The Stapeley Book of Water Gardens

Stanley Russel

Books on Plants or Flowers by Types





All About Roses

Dr. Tommy Cairns


Climbing Roses

Christopher Warner


Colorful World of Roses

Xenia Field


Successful Rose Gardening

Douglas Jimerson




Star Oekenga




Beautiful Bulbs

Brennan & Luebermann



American Horticultural Society Publisher


The Complete Book of Bulbs

Marhew & Swindells


The Outdoor Potted Bulb

Rob Proctor



The Fern Dictionary

Wilbur Olsen




Orchids for the South

Jack Kramer


Orchids Simplified

Henry Jaworski


The International Book of Orchids

P.Francis Hunt


Gardener's Guide to Growing Orchids

Wilma & Brian Rittershausen




Perennial Garden Color

William Welch



James Crockett



Susan Bales


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials

Marshall Craigmyle


The Perennial Garden

Jeff and Marilyn Cox



Cacti and Succulents

American Horticulture Society Publisher


Decorative Cacti

Rudolf Subik


South African Aloes

Barbara Jeppe


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Succulents and Cacti

G. Rowley


The Punctured Thumb

George Ashley



The Sage Garden

Ann LoveJoy

Australian Plants

Australian Native Plants

Golden Guide Books




The Book of Trees

William Grimm


The Essentials of Bonsai

Ed. Of Shufunatomo


The Simple Act of Planting a Tree

Andy and Katie Lipkis



Alan J. Coombes


Oak, The Frame of Civilization

William B. Logan


Lee Reich


Growing Fruit in Your Backyard


The Complete Book of Fruit

Dick Pijpers



American Horticultural Society Books



American Horticultural Society Books


The Big Book of Kitchen Gardens

TimeLife Books



Wildflowers of America

HW Rickett

Additional Interesting Books




Robert's Rules of Order

11th edition 2011








A Gardener's Latin

Richard Bird


An Illustrated Guide to Attracting Birds

Susan Warton



Phillip Glade


Callaway Gardens

James Valentine


Garden Color Book

Paul Williams


Garden Entertaining

Patricia Horan


Growing North America's Favority Plants

Barbara Ellis


Holiday Happenings

Deen Day Smith


Living Plants of the World

Lorus & Margery Milne


Living with Plants

Donna Schumann


Place That Plant

Frances Welland


75 Great American Garden Plants

William Barrick


Plants for Southern California Homes



Table Settings for All Seasons

June Wood & Deen Day Smith


The Garden Book

John Brookes